Projekts made by BG-ELEKTRONIK

Pick and Place Machine (2017-)

I am building an SMT pick and place system.

FPGA Implementation of Simple Microprocessor (2006):

A microprocessor in a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is not world news, but a free 8051 emulated core with a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface in an FPGA is not available at the market at the moment. The embedded microprocessor core chosen for this project is a free softcore 8-bit RISC processor from Xilinx named PicoBlazeTM, implemented in an XC3S200 Spartan-3 FPGA at the development board “Spartan-3 starter kit board” from Xilinx.

The FPGA today is used in a lot of products from Digital Video Technologies, Industrial/Scientific & Medical, Wireless Communications to Satellites project in orbit. Satellites and cars typically use CAN for communication between Microprocessors.

Download BGEPB1 MicroController for Spartan-3 FPGA

Download Poster in PDF format (5.811KB)
Download Report in PDF format (6.148KB)
Download VHDL code in ZIP format (3.335KB)

Related Materials and References:

1. Roman – Jones, Inc. – Emulate 8051 Microprocessor in PicoBlaze IP Core
2. - PicroBlaze 8-bit Embedded Microcontroller User Guide
3. – UART Transmitter and Receiver Macros
4. – Datasheet, Low Supply Current CAN Transceiver

Circuit Design with VHDL – Volnei A. Pedroni – ISBN 0-262-16224-5
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Spartan-3 Starter Kit Board User Guide – UG130 (v1.1) May 13, 2005

Xilinx Design tool - Project Navigator - ISE Service Pack 6.3.03i (Windows)
Simulation program - ModelSim XE II/Starter 5.8C (Windows)
PicoBlaze C compiler – PCCOMP (DOS)
PicoBlaze Assembler compiler – KCPSM3 (DOS)
PicoBlaze Debugger – pBlazIDE (Windows)


Central Heating Control (2000-2005):

This project is developed to create an energy correct central heating system. The central heating control measures the outdoors and the indoors temperature, and compile the value and add it to the statistic, for using of correct environment controlling. This central heating system builds on alternative energy source as solar cells and furnace there convert the energy to hot water for boiler, room warm up with floor heading and stockroom for residual warm. © 2004 • Designed by Benjamin Grydehøj • Updated 2020